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Pac-Man Moving Display


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Are you a fan of Pac-Man? Love retro arcade themes?
Well, you're in luck. With this set, you can have a moving Pac-Man display with interchangeable figures. From the four ghosts chasing Pac-Man, Pac-Man chasing four blue ghosts, the ghost eyes running from Pac-Man, and Pac-Man eating pellets. This set displays all aspects of the Pac-Man experience.
Parts Included:
This set consists of the Pac-Man figure, the red/pink/blue/orange ghosts, 4 blue ghosts, 4 ghost eyes, 3 pellets, 1 power pellet, the display stand, the crank-turning mechanism, and 5 figure supports. The manual crank on the side of the stand moves Pac-Man's mouth and alternates the up and down movement for the 4 adjacent figures.
Total Pieces: 1603
Studs: W 12.0 x L 37.0 x H 21.6
Inch: W 3.78 x L 11.65 x H 6.8
cm: W x L 29.6 x H 17.28
I have always been a fan of Pac-Man and wanted an interesting Lego set that was not only cool to look at, but fun to interact with and personalize. My goal is to display the core aspects of Pac-Man games in an interchangeable Lego display.
If you like this set, then support this project! It will help set be on its way to becoming an official Lego set. If you're passionate about retro and video game Lego sets, then this is the project for you!
Take care and keep building!

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