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Tire & Auto Service Garage


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Get your tires rotated or your oil changed at this Tire & Auto Service Garage.  The early Art Deco garages and service stations inspired the design of this modular building.  While small (it fits on a 16 x 32 base plate), it has a lot of details and interesting building techniques - including a 1950s car that fits into the garage.  The economy size cars of the era influenced the conception, and while little, it is big enough to fit two minifigs side-by-side.  It has a hood ornament and radio speaker to give it its own interesting flair.

The garage has many interesting features and architecture, such has working levers, bubble windows, realistic water drain and power meter box.  Aside from the garage, the second floor serves as a lounge for employees or for those waiting for their car repair.  On the rooftop, there is a small storage space to store racing memorabilia.

I appreciate your time and effort for taking a quick peek at my first project.  Thank you in advance for your support!  If you want updates or shareable images for this project, please follow here on Lego Ideas or on the following social platforms: