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The Forbidden Attic


Based on Possibly the best book ever, comes a LEGO theme that allows you to build some of the major scenes from Dod's adventures in Green. For this project, I made "The Forbidden Attic" from "The Adventures of DOD, Code of the Kings" I think this chapter would make an excellent LEGO set.

In this chapter Dod and Dilly find themselves in a castle's dark attic. They had gone up there Looking for their friend Boot, who was searching for an old treasure that was hidden there many years before. Little did they know, they had walked right into and ambush! Humongous venooses (Giant twelve legged arachnids) repelled from the attic rafters, surrounding the group of friends. Soon after a gigantic silvery venoos caught Dilly with a line of thick sticky webbing. Dod tried throwing gold coins at the beast, but it did not back down. It just kept pulling Dilly closer until she was only a few feet from its huge fangs. Dod tried hopelessly to free her, but with nothing to sever the line with, his efforts were in vain. But then, when Dod was about to give up, Boot charged out of the shadows (Wearing an old suit of armor) and slayed the Silvery venoos. He then threw a pile of rotten bones in the remaining venooses' direction, this kept their attention long enough for the threesome to make their escape.


1. Detailed attic wall and connecting rafters.

2. Fully pose-able giant silvery venoos.

3. two pose-able venooses.

4. Eight baby venooses (Regular spider piece).

5. Silver unicorn statue.

6. Tree with hidden treasure (Sack with three blue stones)

7. Four detailed characters including: Dod, Dilly, Boot, and Sneaker (The Ferret)

8. Two full skeletons.

9. A wooden crate.

10. Five skeleton heads.

11. Sack with three blue stones.

12. Treasure chest full of gold.

13. Three diamonds (Red, blue, and green).

14. Golden dragon and frog.

15. Many golden pieces.

This set has a function that when turned, drops a skeleton head on the people below. (Shown in the images above.)

I think that "The Adventures of DOD" would make a great LEGO set, and as I have shown, it could be made with lots of cool characters and playability features. PLEASE SUPPORT to make this set a reality! (It only takes a few seconds to support, but it makes all the difference for me!) Thanks to all who have supported, and all who will support in the future, you are amazing! Best wishes to all,




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