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Cat Tower Castle

Hi, LEGO community My name is Hector, but I go by LEGO Loco. I am so excited today to bring you guys this amazing LEGO cat tower castle build.

This LEGO build consist of 300+ pieces.

• 3 cats with movable legs, head and tail.
• Cat tower with a microscale castle.
• 1 cat litter box.
• 2 cat bowls for food and water.
• 1 cat ball toy.
• customization for cats are black dragon, werewolf and a white sabre tooth.
• Includes different eyes.

The MOC main inspiration were my 2 previous cats and their giant cat tower.

Cat lovers, this is a must-have set! Cats are a fun and adorable animal.

This would make a great LEGO set because this is something new to the community, and it was built with passion. The only way to make it into a LEGO set is by your support.
Please support the idea, and thank you for your time, LEGO Loco out.

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