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Dodge Challenger


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Here is my second Lego ideas project, this time a Dodge Challenger! I have built it in my favorite color in LDD. I have actually built variations of this MOC out of three different Speed Champions sets, including 75870, 75877, and 75871. They are posted on under Turbo8702 if you would like to check them out. Here are a list of this MOC's features:

          Cool, unique color.

          Black stripe.

          Spot for minifig.

          Goes well with and is the same scale as other Speed Champion cars.

          126 parts.

          If this MOC were to make it to production, I would picture it being around $10-$12, or about 8-10 cents a piece, and including a minifg. I am very open to suggestions or feedback if you see anything you might change. I had a lot of fun designing this MOC, and I hope you will enjoy it and want to support it! 

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