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The Fishmonger's


Volendam, summer 2015. Seagulls screeching, raining cats and dogs. The place was amazing and we immediately thought it could be greatly represented in a LEGO MOC. In the end, however, we were busy with other projects and only sketched this fishmonger's. The project was abandoned for a while. Nowadays, we think this MOC can perfectly adjust to the OFS to improve your wonderful sea layout!

The current version is made up of 364 bricks, including one minifigure, the fishmonger. As you can see, there are plenty of nice details, like the anchovy sandwiches, the salmon, a knife, a mayo dispenser. The table is movable and the doors can easily be opened and closed, in a double system, so that the truck can go back home or make a trip to the fish market. 

Thank you for reading and if you want our model to become a real set, please support it. We'll be posting updates and new projects and we'd be glad if you followed us. 

Put your bricks up!