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Simon's Cat


Simon's Cat is a famous British YouTube Chanel. The creator of this chanel with mor then 4.7million subscibers is Simon Tofield. 10 years ago, he drew a cartoon cat and today he is yery successful with his cartoon chanel. The main Charakters are Simon and this two cats. Together they experience funny adventures at home, in the garden of at the vet. 

I created this small corner of Simons home and so I have made a nice model to display Simon's white cat. With some extra Lego bricks und self made stickers, you can put the cat into different emotional states: happy, laughing, sad and angry. You can also choose if the cat should sit, or stand up. And do not forget to underline the expressions with the position of the ears or tail.

The cat's desing is similar to Unikitty from The Lego Movie. So it does not look that smooth than the original cat. It looks very edge-shaped but cut in a different way. The ground of the corner is a wall with lots of bricks with side studes. Than I tilted it and buit the floor and the walls. For the corners you can see at the frontline, I used archs. 

I built this model, because Simon's Cat celebrates it's 10th birthday. I put this model next to me on the desk, so I can see it Evers time I work.

If you like Simon's Cat and Lego, I hope you like this small model too.

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