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S Force Brickheadz- The Good Guys


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Has anyone supported the project S Force HQ? Well, they are essentially based on the same thing. It is based on my book, so I basically have this IP as mine. Me and my two friends, which did not build these but appreciated that Ibdid for them, gave ourselves superpower, or none, in Noob123's case, for this book. I am Agent 14. I built this myself.

This would make a great set because I know that many people would like a spy looking Brickheadz, a scientist, and a guy who may look familiar from TV but no one knows who he is. Honestly, that is How Noob123 looked like that a couple months ago. I also have a special surprise if we get to 100 supporters!
Note on characters:
Agent 14 is super strong, can control something "Spryzanium", an almost indestructible alloy of diamonds. He is naturally strong.
Colossus can teleport, has telekinesis, mind talk (like he can know what we say to him, and we hear him.) He is also a great chemist.
Noob123 is just the dopey sidekick. He does not have any powers, but is really good with computers!

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