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The Royal Chess


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We will start the project description by some figures:

  • 2103 bricks
  • 1209 bricks for chessboard
  • 894 bricks for game piece

The chessboard and its pieces are perfectly playable and well recognizable, the tower, the rider, the fool, the queen, the king and the pawn, one immediately recognizes which is which. Delimitations are present so that the pieces are in place and in order to have a clear and legible game. 1x1 tiles are present on the scorpions of the board to know where to put the pieces once the finished part. The plateau is slightly removed to gain access to the inside of the base and store the game pieces for an eventual transport.

Well, now, why call my chessboard "The Royal Chess"? Just to his noble or precious air and its "wealth". The dark blue color and pearl gold just gives it that preciousness, this royal air. This chess set few at a time serve as a decorative object (with its details, its colors, the simplest forms but still elegant) and as a game of... chess precisely.

Thank you for reading and hope that this project makes you want of having and doing a chess match !

Excuse me for spelling errors.

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