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Steam Locomotive with Passenger Cars


This model is based around the 1940s - 1950s, where the countryside would be filled with these beautiful steam lcomotives. It is not inspired by any steam engine in particular, just one that I have made up. 

The model features one locomotive, one tender and four passenger cars. The whole model is sat on a black base with a smooth rim to make the train stand out.


I built this model as it would be nice to see some more LEGO steam locomotives, as I believe they are beautiful machines and deserve more recognition.


This would make a good set as it looks visually appealing, and the baseplate helps it to look like a professional display model. Please not that the model is mainly for display purposes only; however it could be used as a toy because each section of the train can be attached/detatched, letting you add more or less carriages, and the sections can pivot due to the ball-bearings connecting them.


This model features 722 bricks.


All images rendered by Mecabricks.

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