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Adventurers - Return to Egypt


Rumor has it that Baron Von Barron and his wicked henchman Sam Sinister have returned to Egypt in hopes of stealing more treasure! According to legend, somewhere along the Nile is a Temple that holds
a golden staff and red ruby. And when combined, unlock mysterious powers! Of course Baron Von Barron cannot be allowed to have such power! And thus it is up to Johnny Thunder with the help of Dr. Kilroy, Pippin Reed, and Harry Cane to get to the temple first before before these villians have a chance to get the staff, ruby, and other treasure!

From 1998 to 2003, Adventurers was a theme which has become nostalgic to many Lego fans. It follows Johnny Thunder on many adventures around the world for lost artifacts. With enough support we can bring this theme back!

About the model
This model is utilizes the design of the real life Temple of Edfu (Horus) in combination with features from the original Adventurers set 'Pharaoh's Forbidden Ruins (5988)' to pay tribute to the old set theme. This model includes a large temple with many play features while also acting as a great display piece. The backside of the temple can be opened for easy access to the interior or kept closed for storage or transportation.

  • This model consists of 3,000 pieces
  • Includes 9 figures (this includes a skeleton and Anubis statue)
  • Measures approximately 17" x 17" (when closed) and 9.5" tall
  • Includes a dangerous golden staff that shoots lasers

There are 7 different rooms in the temple!

  • Scroll Room - Dr. Kilroy is very fascinated by this room. In it are many ancient scrolls, that he suspects were once in the Library of Alexandria! There is also an Anubis statue and pottery.
  • Treasure Room - A large hoard of gold lies hidden here. So much that it is just resting in a pile. Surely a room that Sam Sinister would love to find!
  • Pharaoh's Chamber - This is the Tomb of the once powerful Pharaoh. He shouldn't be an issue as he's been dead for over 2,000 years. At least that's what I thought.
  • Trap Floor Room - This room has a black chest with gold coins (referencing the black chest from set 5988). But be cautious as there is a trap door in the floor!
  • Skeleton Chamber - If you're unlucky enough to fall through the trap door, you will end up in this room where the floor is covered in spikes and snakes! It also looks like a Roman solider also fell for this trick as his skeleton is all that remains!
  • Crocodile Room - Also a reference to set 5988, this a Crocodile statue/mummy in this room.
  • Staff Room - This is where the golden staff and Red Ruby are hidden. Both being held by two different statues. Once they are put together, they can make whomever yields them very powerful!

Additional Parts
  • Also included is a plane and truck to help get around the desert! Harry Cane operates the plane while the truck is Baron's for carrying all his loot.
  • There are numerous boxes and crates for transporting treasure and artifacts
  • Lots of tools are included
  • Dynamite to blow up the large door to the staff room!
  • An old fashioned camera to film the discoveries

10,000 Supporters could help bring Johnny Thunder back!

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