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Good Night Mr.Snoozleberg

Hello everyone,

Do you remember this game? Do you remember that you needed to find the game guide when you played this game in your childhood? Do you remember that you were impatient because of Mr. Snoozleberg's pace was too slow? HaHaHa. After countless failures, we finally let Mr.Snoozleberg return home safely, Mr.Snoozleberg really needs to thank us.

"Good Night Mr.Snoozleberg" was launched by a Canada game company - Sarbakan in 1999. The gameplay is very simple. Mr.Snoozleberg will sleepwalk when you start the game. You only need to click on the items on the screen to let Mr.Snoozleberg avoid danger and let him return home safely. Sounds easy, right? But some levels really confuse you.

This game has been published for twenty years. Did Mr.Snoozleberg somehow float up in your memories? Therefore, I designed this project to pay tribute to this amazing game.

The design of this project is based on one of the stages of Episode.2 - "The Award Ceremony". The setting of the stage is colorful and details, it increases interesting and striking in this project. "Good Night Mr.Snoozleberg" project contains around 1400 parts. It's 45cm Length, 14.2cm Width and 25.5cm Height.

Thanks for watching it. I hope this project can evoke your memories.
Please support or share this project if you like it, thank you very much.

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