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Animal Based Occupations


This creation I have made is called Animal Based Occupations. This set has three minifigures with different animal based jobs. The first one is a snake charmer with his two snakes. The second one is a pearl diver with a giant octopus and his clams that he found, and the third is a female ranger with a Giant Tortoise. The extra animals which come with this set are a scorpion, a rat, a monkey and a starfish. This set is great for everyone and easy to build. This set is really great to display somewhere nice.

I hope everyone enjoys this set and supports it because it would be awesome to get 10,000 supporters.

P.S If you type in Animal Based Occupations you will find that I have made two sets called Animal Based Occupations, so make sure you support both of them. Also checkout my other cool sets called Tintin, Cockatoo, Dinosaur Discovery and Micro Sports Stadium.


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