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CHANEL Store in Beverly Hills


This LEGO CHANEL store could bring a brick of Californian sun, luxury and the newest fashion to your LEGO collection!

This modern building with its minimalistic architecture is an eye-catcher, whether its on your bookshelf, or as a fresh part of your LEGO town. (Have you ever wondered where some of the most stylistic minifigures do get their best fashion pieces from?).

I would also love to visit this real place in Beverly Hills some day.

I built this LEGO CHANEL store because it is a LEGO set like no other. I have never seen any LEGO set that combines a fashion brand and modern architecture with each other. I would have loved to have had the ability to buy or to build something like this, as I was a child. I think, that especially many other girls and women feel the same, as I felt as a child.

Some of the sets were just too pink, and the other parts of the LEGO product portfolio were mostly developed for boys.

Unfortunately, there never really was any "girly" product to fit the LEGO town, normal minifigures, modern style, realistic colours and fashion with each other. I hope this creation could become the next girly product as a LEGO Ideas set. I know that this kind of LEGO set really is something that especially many girls would have always wanted! That’s why I decided to complete this task as a young graphic designer.

This model combines two iconic brands such as LEGO and CHANEL in a very elegant way. The facade made of white LEGO bricks and black LEGO frame pieces is a characteristic sign for the CHANEL brand. You can also see a mademoiselle with a huge CHANEL bag inside the building. This set could even make LEGO and CHANEL both, even more beloved for some of the target groups of these both brands.

This set could be interesting especially for girls between 8 and 30 years, who are interested in LEGO, aesthetics and fashion.

I think that this set is also inspiring for many boys and men as well, thanks to the modern styling and two great brands coming together.

If this LEGO CHANEL store hits 10K supports, I would love to develop the interior of this building and the minifigures with more cultural diversity and great clothing, together with the LEGO design team.

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