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Sliders - The Brick Dimension

The Sliders LEGO set is my brave entry into the LEGO world as a female creator. The set is based on my favourite sci-fi series “Sliders”. It combines 4 different worlds that were visited by the Sliders in the original series (“Pilot”, “The last days”, “Luck of the draw”, “The return of the king”).
Each of the four scenes in my set represents the world where each one of the characters played a crucial role.
Professor Maximilian Arturo saved the world from an asteroid.
Rembrandt Brown become a living legend.
Wade Wells found love and happiness. 
For Quinn Mallory I chose his house that he was coming back to after each slide in order to check if they have finally returned to their home world - Earth Prime.
You want to know if the gate squeaks?
Vote for the Sliders LEGO set and you will find out by yourself!

The highlight of this set is the portable vortex. It can be placed on each world and you can literally recreate the scenes from the episodes, making Sliders jumping in and out of it.

I have turned the characters of Sliders into LEGO mini figures as my personal tribute to the series I am huge fan of.
I later used them to illustrate the fanfic season 6 of Sliders with my images. It was written and presented by  This is how brick Sliders have become popular on social media.
Encouraged by the recognition and positive feedback from fans and the series creators (John Rhys-Davies, Jerry O’Connell, Sabrina Lloyd, Robert Floyd) I have received, I decided to create this set so that each fan could slide between the worlds with their favourite character and experience the pure joy of creation I had while building the Brick Sliders.

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