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Baikonur Cosmodrome Launchpad


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When talking about spacestation and supplying them with rockets, the ultimate question arises: Where do all those rockets come from?

The Baikonur Cosmodrome Launchpad
Soyus Spaceport

- Based on the "Gagarin Start" launchpad in Kazakhstan
- Launchpad equipped with all four holding- and three support-arms
- Soyuz-train consist of three wagons and one diesel locomotive
- Flat wagons carry and lift the rocket
- Cooling wagon equipped with tanks and pipes
- Locomotive equipped with diesel engine
- Train runs on all tracks even with rocket on top
- Comes with seven minifigs (at least!)
- Approx. 1500 pieces

- bring the rocket in by train
- lift the rocket into the launchpad
- secure the rocket with the holding-arms
- lift the support arms to cool the rocket's cargo
- move the train away into a safe distance before launch
- retract the support arms from the rocket
- count down from 10 to 0!
- retract the holding arms while lifting the rocket

The rocket included is the same as in my
- Soyuz Rocket with Spacecraft (
This model is designed in the same scale as my
- MIR Space Station (
- International Space Station (
- Space Shuttle (
- Shuttle Carrierer Aircraft (
- Hubble Telescope (

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