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Fort Vanguard


⚔️Fort Vanguard is an imperial naval base off the coast of Brick Bay. It is surrounded by a tropical terrain of bright palm trees and aqua waters. The fort features turrets, storerooms, a bell tower to warn of attacking pirates, a prison cell, and officer's quarters.

🌴The Fort is situated in an lush tropical environment of rich palm trees and crystal clear waves. The location is an ideal spot for trade and keeping watch for invaders!

🏴‍☠️The fort is built with 2,924 pieces. And includes 8 minifigures:

4 Imperial soldiers, 1 Imperial Officer, and 3 Pirates

💂‍♂️Fort Vanguard is an ideal set for playability, display, and for the classic pirate theme lovers!

✔️Help make this a reality by voting for this project and sharing it around to the other pirate/soldier fans out there!

🏆Thank you for taking the time to read about my project and feel free to vote!

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