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aMAZEing Pinball

I present to your attention - aMAZEing pinball! This is an unusual puzzle in which the player has to control the entire playing field in order to bring the ball to the treasure passing through river, castle, lost woods and finally a cave with gold.

The build was inspired by arcade game ''Cameltry'' in which the player needs to control the environment to bring the ball to the finish line. With this project I tried to convey the gaming experience of Cameltry into my building by adding the ambience of the Middle Ages.

The set has approximetely 1500 pieces with a fully working mechanism that rotates the playing field by 360 degrees.

Why do I built this model? As I already said, the main insparation for me was ''Cameltry''. I decided to take it as a basis by adding the surroundings of my favorite childhood lego theme - Castle.

Why I believe it would make a great LEGO set? My puzzle offers a new and unusual gaming experience that has never been seen before on Lego Ideas. It will be great for pinball fans and will take pride of place on the shelf along with another lego ideas set - Maze.

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