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Campsite Restroom Block

This is a small modular build of a basic restroom block, it features 3 toilets, two sinks, hand drying blowers and a water fountain. This will easily incorporate itself into the lego city range, I used this colour scheme to match the ideas of others around the woodland camping idea, although the ocular could be changed to grey in order to become a city restroom block. This would be a brilliant value set as it uses a small number of readily available bricks. It is also a realistic build that I feel collectors would enjoy, plus it would be an easy addition to the playability of the camping sets.

It features a tiled floor interior, 3 privacy stalls with over head flushing units, toilet brush and toilet roll dispenser, one stall contains a small sink and taps, outside of the stalls is a larger sink, overhead light and automatic hand blowers to dry hands, light is provided by a green skylight and high small privacy windows. the unit is accessed through a glass door and outside there is a communal water fountain which also includes a water drain to avoid slipping, and an outside light to help in the dark! The roof features a green glass skylight and an air filtration system to avoid smells. I have not included mini figures but envisage perhaps two or three? Basic mini figures and perhaps where's my pants guy and the janitor with his mop? :)

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