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The Guardian Of The Sea


"To be a beacon, you must be strong enough to withstand any type of storm, all types of loneliness, and you must have a powerful light inside you!"

                                                                 Mehemet Murat Ildan

The construction is modular and consists of a small kitchen, a relaxation area supervised by a little dog called Petra, a living room and a secret room waiting to be discovered.

Everything is connected with the protagonist of the story: the lighthouse.

Finally, the structure is equipped with a power function well hidden inside that mimics the rotating movement of the lighthouse light.


height 41cm

width 25 cm

depth 28 cm

Before the eyes of man, the vastness of the sea makes man feel small and helpless. But the emotions that the sea gives him means that meeting with him has always been a moment of peace and comfort.

This work shows what for me is a symbol of the link between man and the sea.

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