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Vintage Apothecary Cabinet

Vintage Apothecary Cabinet

"you have to use your fingernails, it works!"

These were the words of a friend when I built my vintage apothecary cabinet to see if the drawers could be opened normally. 

Hello, I'm showing you my little cabinet here. It has six (five and a half - more on that in a moment) large drawers and three hidden storage compartments. The six large drawers can be opened with the aforementioned fingernails, the handles are just for decoration. The drawers can also be pushed from behind to open them. The drawers are extremely sturdy, the closing plates are each attached with six times six 5l axles with stop in 2x6 technicplate, which can withstand the pull on the drawer. 

The two narrow hidden storage compartments can be reached through hinges and are invisible when the cabinet is against a wall; a panel can be removed at the top to provide additional storage space. 

The pharmacist works in one of the drawers, so I had to reduce it to five and a half, it's clear that he needs a workstation. He works there on all sorts of tinctures and medicines, he processes herbs with his cleaver, hangs them up to dry and cooks all sorts of healing things from them. 

Why did I build it?

Well, we all need storage space for small items. How could it be more obvious to build such a storage space out of Lego? In fact, I'm amazed at how few products are available in this area. I hope that changes with my set. 

Why do I think it's a good Lego set?

Because it is for storing Lego, or other small things that are easy to lose. It's perfect for that. 

Thanks for reading and I hope you like it. 

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