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Forest Village

For this build I wanted to make a fantasy like village, small and affordable. I wanted to build houses really connected to the nature they are a part of. They are also covered in mushrooms to make the houses seem smaller and more fantasy like.

  • The first house (top left) is built under a large tree, with a straw roof. The tree is the second story, with a pretty window.The top of the tree is a great lookout spot.
  • The second house (middle top) was built using the new panel piece 65783, to make more rounded corners in the build. It makes the roof looking like the shell of a beetle. I made the entrance round for a more fantasy like vibe.
  • The third house (top right) is a log on its side, with a pretty door on the front. It also hinges open for easy acces. I used the log costume as a chimney.
  • The fourth house (bottom left) also has the new panel piece 65783 but more for the look of a giant leaf covering the house. It has some dark brown vines to finish the look.
  • The fifth house (bottom right) has the plane type roof, just in a different colour than white. It looks a bit more built, but not to much.
You can easily swap out the minifigures for your own fantasy theme, but it gives you a great start to play.

Have fun!

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