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Truck with Crane

It is a truck model inspired by the MAN brand. This project took six months to work on. It was created to tow a large tow truck (due to its size and underdevelopment, I didn't put it together with the truck).
It has the following features:
- operating engine B8,
- two-speed gearbox,
- openable door in chauffeur
- lifted cab,
- 4-wheel drive (two rear axles),
- torsional front axle,
- pneumatic crane,
- extendable stabilizing supports,
- cameras as mirrors.

In addition, anyone can personalize their personal with the following:
- the choice pulls out the interrae with additional lighting,
- adjustment of additional elements on the cab (halogen lights and horn),
- selection of the type of tow-bar (ball or traditional hitch).

A few of the above I put in the photo

Link to my video on YouTube channel:  

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