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Elves Toy Factory

I have a soft spot for old factory buildings, and I thought that would be a perfect addition to a winter village, and a great spot for the Elves to work! I built in because I was inspired by the Toy Soldier minifig which is one of my favorites, and yet that minifig has not made its way into any winter sets! The sign on top of the factory was actually the first thing I created, replicating the soldier's hat. But I also knew I wanted the Soldier as a statue on part of the building. 

Like a lot of the winter village sets, I left the back open for an easy view into the factory. The Elves work on the main floor building lots of toys, making sure to clock in and out everyday at the candy cane clock. The foreman watches over and keeps track of the list of toys being built, which are starting to pile up under the stairs! Santa's office is upstairs, where he is checking the nice list on his computer. A runner Elf has brought him a new letter! Santa's favorite Reindeer, Prancer, watches over while munching on some carrots.

I think this would be a great addition to the winter village line, to have a much more architectural building as a prominent feature. 

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