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Mini Ships and Boats Series

This is a series of Mini Ships that i created and would love to see in real Lego and i hope you would too! These little models would be around the $10 range. The one on the main photo is just a container ship.

This is Emma Maersk, 'The Largest Ship in the World', but it is soon due to be overtaken as largest ship by the Maersk Triple E. This is based on Lego set 10155.

This is a Coast Guard boat. It err.....guards the coast.

This is Knock Nevis. It was the longest ship ever built until it was scrapped in 2010.She possessed the greatest dead weight tonnage ever recorded. Her displacement was 657,019 tonnes. It was First called The Seawise Giant then it was renamed to Happy Giant then to Jahre Viking the to Knock Nevis and finally renamed for the last time to Mont.

Another boat in the series. This is a mini Race Boat with a powerful engine.

There are other Ships/Boats in the series as I plan to have at least ten such as:

-Emma Maersk (shown)
-Coast Gaurd Ship (shown)
-Knock Nevis (shown)
-Race Boat (shown)
-RMS Titanic
-Vehicle Ferry
-Aircraft Carrier
-Cruise Ship
-Luxury Speed Boat

If you like these and would like to own one then please support my project. Thank you

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