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Money Box Elmer The Elephant


Daddy, daddy, could you help us to build Elmer The Elephant with Lego bricks to put coins inside ?
A money box with the shape of Elmer ?
Oh yes, daddy, please !
Well, let's see what we can do !

Elmer, the patchwork elephant, are one of the characters my 2 kids, 3 and 6 years old, enjoy to draw and colour. Once built, I've been really surprised to see that they play so much with it, not only using this creation as a simply piggy bank to save money and put on a shelf, but also spending time filling it with coins and plenty of different little things, and open the rear part to get them back.

Its capacity is approximatively 100 coins, and it's solid enough to play with. Hope you'll enjoy this money box as much as my kids.

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