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Jurassic Park Jeep Wrangler - Dennis' Demise


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After the release of the LEGO Jurassic World product toy line there are still too many missing scenes, vehicles and characters from the first three Jurassic films that could be released as potential construction toys. In my wanted LEGO Jurassic Park theme the biggest set would be the Visitor Center, and the smallest one should be the dilophosaurus scene featuring the Jeep Wrangler.

"In the middle of the storm, Dennis Nedry has stuck his jeep on a tree when he was escaping from Jurassic Park with the stolen dinosaur embryos. Help him use the winch on a tree to release the car and reach the East Dock in time. But beware of the unleashed venomous dilophosaurus! Will Dennis escape from the island?"

The main build of this set is the Jeep vehicle. However, it also includes the essential scenography to represent the iconic dilophosaurus scene.

Following the same spirit of the official LEGO CUUSOO/Ideas set 21103 Back to the Future Time Machine, this kit is another 3 in 1 model: it would contain extra elements and printed parts like the license plates, so you can build the alternative versions of the jeep (10*, 12** and 18/29***) featured in the original Jurassic Park film.

The set would also include a dilophosaurus as well as a Dennis Nedry minifigure (raincoat) with a hood, hair, a stick and double sided face with two different expressions: “forced smile” and “poisoned/blinded”.


All in all, the set contains:

  • Jurassic Park Jeep Wrangler with winch.
  • Display base
  • “East Dock” signal
  • Rainforest tree
  • Additional extra elements and printed parts to recreate the different variants of the car.
  • Barbasol can
  • Stick
  • Dilophosaurus
  • Dennis Nedry minifigure

Spared no expense.


Model specifications (note that this could change if the project becomes a product)

Total of pieces (jeep 12): 564 aprox

  • Jeep: 296 pieces
  • Tree: 47 pieces
  • Display base: 144 pieces
  • East Dock signal: 11 pieces
  • Elements for customizing the car: 53 pieces

Measures (jeep 10): 17 x 8 x 8’5 studs aprox. / 13’5 x 6’3 x 6’7 cm aprox.


*jeep 10 appears in the T. rex chase scene. “Must go faster”

**jeep 12 was the variant used by Dennis Nedry to escape from Isla Nublar.

***jeeps 18/29 were used to lead the main characters to the Visitor Center. “Welcome to Jurassic Park”.


Thanks for reading. I really appreciate every support.

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