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The Fun Cat Tree

Cat trees come in all shapes and sizes. They come colorful, they come boring. But most of all, they come fun. Let your Lego cats play on the fun tree for as long as they will, and even display your own Lego cat figure! It is 121 pieces, including the mini–Lego Friends cat. It is very cushiony too!
The Lego cat tree is pastel, brown, and white. On two of the high beds there are two cat balls attached where they can play, and a couch in the back for them to sprawl. Cats often think they are the king/queen of the house, so there is an extra highchair for them to lay. There are so many hideouts for them to lay to take a nap, and it even includes a food bowl to burst up their energy when they run out.
Cat figures are extremely fun to make, so I thought it would be cute to add a cat figure to this set! This cat figure is currently sitting down, with its long claws out. The whiskers can move easily, and it can be easily displayed!
So hit that support button, and if this reaches 10K, maybe you could even play with this neat little cat tree.

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