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Windmill Forge (Working Model)


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Presenting the Windmill Forge!

An increasing demand in weapons and armor has caused the renovation of an old watch tower into a fully functional armory. The Windmill Forge is now the central supply of weapons and armor for the entire kingdom. Everyone must stay alert as enemies lurk in the forest and shadows, waiting to intercept a supplies shipment or even attempt to capture the forge itself.

As a fan of the castle theme, a castle has always been my favorite type of build. As an amateur builder, I always try to progress in detail and functionality with each build. The overall goal with the Windmill Forge was to combine a mechanically functioning system with an old school castle feel. What started off as a simple, basic build quickly evolved into what I present to you now.

The Windmill Forge contains 7 easily accessible rooms including a shop, cookhouse, guard barracks, bedroom and storage attics/rooms. Some rooms such as the shop and cookhouse have multiple panels that can be removed for easy access. Walls and roof pieces are easily removed by removing the red pins.

The Windmill Forge contains many functional mechanical features. The windmill head can rotate 360 degrees on top of the tower and face any desired direction. The windmill is connected directly to a rotating grindstone for shaping and sharpening swords, as well as an air bellows to pump air into the forge. A motor is installed in the base of this model to display the mechanical action of the forge. The Windmill Forge also contains 2 lighting features. One is the forge itself, the other is the fireplace in the cookhouse.

Please see the video to view the full operation.

Thank you all for your support! Enjoy!

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