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Family House


"Time to eat!" Mom calls. The kids come scrambling from their beds, quickly putting their toys back on the shelf, Dad brings the salad to the table, and Mom brings the potatoes. A steak dinner is awaiting for them all. As the kids sit down, Mom slides the cookies into the oven to bake while they eat. 


This house includes:

-6 minifigures (the parents and 4 kids)

-accessibility to the inside by opening and closing the roof

-a stove that can open and close 

-a sink that's full of water

-a jug of drinking water and a coffee maker

-a couch 

-2 bunk beds, and 1 big bed for Mom and Dad

- a dresser for the kids, and a dresser for the parents

-a desk for the kids

-a doll, teddy bear, and train for the kid


NOTE: Please comment anything that you think would improve this model


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