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Modular Park & Pizzeria


Welcome to the Modular Park and Pizzeria!  Come on over and grab a bite to eat (or a whole pizza if you'd rather) and relax and take pictures in the park.  If you're the chef, you can make some pizzas in the back of the shop and maybe snack on a pepperoni slice now and then.  Or you could be the Delivery Person and deliver pizzas around town and take the garbage out back.

The park has a "stone" entryway, a fence going all around the perimeter except for at the wall of the pizzeria, a waterfall fountain and pond, a flower garden with a Poplar tree, a picnic table if you decide to eat your pizza outside, and a bush.  (Which is the apex of it all if you really like bushes.)  The pizzeria has a skylight, a large front counter with a cash register, an Italian mat, Italian flags on both sides of the doors, Italian flag coloured Pizza sign, a counter in the kitchen with a sink, pizza oven, and a table and chairs. There's also a dumpster, garbage can, and a ladder to the roof. 

This project also includes a pizza delivery car, and 4 minifigures: The Chef, Pizza Delivery Person, a Male Customer, and a Female Customer.

If you'd like to see this as a set, please Support, and feel free to leave a comment and Follow the project.

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