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Hot Dog Van

There are already food trucks in Lego City. But in my opinion. there's definitely not enough of a food truck with the most popular street food - hot dogs! Here is my model of such a diner on wheels!

About the model
I have studied a lot of real snack vans, and tried to embody their interior in Lego models. The van, of course, is brightly colored, so it can be seen from afar. And by the volumetric sign on the roof, it is immediately clear what you can buy in this van. Inside the van there is a compartment for doughnuts and buns, a display case, a cash register, a coffee machine, a table, a sink, a grill, and a refrigerator with two compartments. The set also has a table for customers and a promoter in a hot dog costume)

I think that this set will be a great addition to your Lego City collection, and it will also be a great gift for children who will be happy to cook hot dogs for their characters)

Thank you for your support! I wish good luck to all the participants.

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