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Honeydukes Sweet Shop

Hello this is my first project. It is the sweet shop in Hogsmeade From Harry Potter. This is pretty detailed and has 2215 Bricks. It has two skylight windows and 3 Windows at the front of the building.

It has 5 Minifigures:
Mr.Flume With a mug of Butter Beer
Hermione Granger with a wand
Harry Potter With a wand and the Marauders Map
Ron Weasley with wand and scabbers the rat
Fred Weasley And George Weasley With Wands.

I have included Candys That do Appear In the movies and books Such as
Cauldron Cake Which are brown Studs With Green flat studs on top
Pumpkin Fizz Which are transparent orange Bottles
Jelly slugs Which are Colorful transparent 2x1 Roof tiles
Chocolate Bars Which are Green And Pink Printed flat tiles
Chocolate Wands Which are dark brown wands
Bertie Botts Every Flavored Beans Which Are Printed 1x1 white bricks With A red 1x1 Roof Tile on top
And Choclate Frogs Which are Brown frogs With 1x1 flat tile With a Famous Witch or Wizard's face Printed on it

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