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Burr Puzzle

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LEGO Ideas is a great opportunity to share my project with you and to admire the achievements of other contributors. The Burr Puzzle is a fairly well known puzzle with 6 elements. My suggestion is to build the elements using LEGO bricks. Once built you will have to solve the puzzle. Then this can take time.


When I was a child, in my school we had to do a Burr Puzzle with wooden battens.  Unfortunately, my hands and my mind were not mature enough to achieve the goal.

I never forgot this wooden puzzle and my failure to built it.


In 2017 I became interested in the Soma Cube. I also saw Soma Cube proposals in LEGO Ideas. I discovered the Soma Cube through a video. I built mine using LEGO bricks. Then I realized that it was possible to make a dice. With these LEGO bricks elements:  






What a beautiful discovery for me !


Then I started to think about the famous Burr Puzzle. If a Soma Cube was conceivable using LEGO bricks this Burr Puzzle should be too. This time, I was seriously aiming for success!


I was busy with this project for a few weeks because the elements of the Burr Puzzle are more complex than those of the Soma Cube indeed !

I had LEGO of all colors belonging to my daughter. I built the elements one by one after my work.  


On the first model the studs were on some visible faces. That's not fine ! But after all they are the basis of our building pleasure. so the Burr Puzzle was going to gain in quality with pretty bright tiles! I had to disassemble it all and I looked for a new construction.

As the project was progressing I ordered bricks and black tiles on Pick A Brick to finally build, manipulate the 6 pieces and solve the puzzle!  


In the end I had fun rebuilding the pieces of the puzzle with LEGO Digital Designer. I made a model more compact. 

Today the Burr Puzzle is displayed in my living room. Sometimes I disassemble it, put it back, handle it just for fun. I do not hesitate to show it to my visitors, both young and old.  


Here is my two-in-one build. Pleasant to build with the notice or without. The puzzle is enjoyable to handle, and can be used as a decorating object bringing a Danish touch. ;-) I enjoyed revisiting this childhood school project, and was thrilled to modernize it with LEGO bricks 

I hope you have good fun too :-)   


Thank you for your attention, your comments and votes ;-)


Dimension of the pieces in cm: 3.1 x 3.1 x 12.7

Size of the built puzzle/ mounted in cm: 12.7 x 12.7 x 12.7

Weight in grams: 340 g

Bricks used with LDD:






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