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10K supporters

We are just a few supporters away now, so I’m posting this update so that it can be seen on the page in advance: First and foremost I just want to say thank you to everyone who helped get this project to 10K supporters! When I first found out about Lego ideas just over 2 years ago now, I knew that I wanted to get the best achievement I possibly could and this is one that I have now finally achieved! Over this tough time for everybody, Lego ideas was truly something that really helped motivate me to stay active doing things. Making projects for the site is something I have become extremely passionate in doing and intend to carry on doing for a long time. I can assure everyone that follows my work that this is just the beginning when it comes to projects in the Lego community! 
I have enjoyed every second of creating and promoting this project and will really miss checking every day to see how many supporters I have done as well as responding to all the positive feedback in the comments section. It’s been an experience that I wouldn’t trade for anything and hopefully Spaceballs will go all the way and be made into a real set! Fingers crossed ;) 

Once again, thank you so much for all supporting the project. The fact that so many people liked my build is just astonishing to me and is exactly what I intended to do when I made my Lego ideas account.



I made this little promo video as a thank you as we are coming to an end here. Be sure to check it out ;)


PNG images

Here are the png images for all the characters and the Eagle 5 itself. I have a few ideas for some small updates before 10k so stay tuned! This is a little insight to how i made the project. Enjoy :)


9.5K Supporters!

95% of the way there! I'm counting down the days now until 10k and it's getting extremely close! Thanks so much for all the support recently. For this update I have recreated one of my absolute favourite scenes from the film, where Dark Helmet reveals to Lone Starr their plot changing relations to each other which leads to..... ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! Haha, thanks again, and remember to share the project anywhere you can in order for us to hit 10k as quick as possible. Thanks again :)


9K Supporters!

90% there now people! Less than 1000 supporters left now. We are sooooo close. This update is of the hilarious scene where the communications are JAMmed. Well... Rasberry Jammed. We lost the beeps, we've lost the sweeps, and we've lost the creeps. And we know only one person would have done that- LONE STARR! Thank you so much everyone for all your support, and I hope I can be thanking you all for 10,000 supporters very soon. I'm very excited as it's getting so close now! Remember to share the project anywhere you can in order for us to hit 10k. Thanks again :)


8K Supporters!

80% there everyone. We can do this! We are down to the last 2k supporters now on potentially getting a Spaceballs lego set. For this update, I have added the fantastically funny scene where Dark Helmet's men capture the heroes stunt doubles! Be sure to share the project with your friends to help us reach 10k supporters! Thanks again :)


New Update!

I have made a new update which brings more detail to the model of the Eagle 5. I have also added a more appropriate logo for the project which mirrors the original logo of the film when it first came out! The support on the project has been improving recently, so lets keep the amazing support going and keep pushing toward 10k supporters! Lets try and get to 10k before 24th June 2021 which is Spaceballs' 34th year anniversary. Remember to share the project around as well. Thats the best way to get it out there! 


7k Supporters!

70% there everyone. The idea has slown down, but we are slowly making progress! We just need to grab 3k Supporters out from somewhere. Come on! But to everyone who has recently supported, welcome aboard and thanks so much. Remember to share the product as that really is what helps it grow! I have attached the Perri-air from the film thanks to a suggestion put in the comments. Hope you guys like these fun updates! 



Check out the interior of the cockpit. There is pizza the hutt on the screen as well as a brick that lets the characters travel at either light speed, ridiculous speed, or LUDICROUS speed! Lets keep the support going as we are trying to hit 7k before the end of 2020! 


New Update

Going to try and update the project as much as possible so stay tuned. This is just a new render I came up with which I thought was quite cool! 

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