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Piper Pa-28 Cherokee 140

This Is My scale MOC of a Piper Cherokee. I built this aircraft, well because of what I asked. I asked my family what kind of aircraft they wanted me to build and this was their answer. I got to work and started looking up blueprints and the plane. As with all LEGO aircraft, they don't have an engine that is heavy so this model is a bit tail heavy. I have not forgot about playability though, their is flaps, a full interior, moveable seats and a spinning propeller. Although the wing is thin I made sure it was strong.  Since this is also a model, I made a stand for it. It is strong and their is a certain spot to put it. 


Although this isn't really a big plane I still made it, well more portable. Say if you have tight storage and this plane is too big, well it splits into two parts whilst maintaining a strong connection. The rudder can also be removed.


I mentioned their was an interior, let me explain. In the plane their is two adjustable seats and two yokes. There is also a couple of buttons and dials to replicate instruments. If you remove a few pieces by the engine, well you get access to it. To get access to main interior remove the roof.


First of all there is flaps, you have the option of full wing or normal flaps, those extras can be used as ailerons. 

LENGH:11" 1/2


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