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Mobile Suit Genesis

Introducing my personal Mobile Suit; Genesis Gundam!. I've always loved the Mobile Suit Gundam T.V. series and have finally made my own Gundam suit. I may have re-built this mech about three times, but it's magnificence increases with each trial.

Genesis is a high maneuverability Mobile Suit designed for combat in areas with anywhere between Zero up to Twelve G's! The six wing thrusters on Genesis's back can be repositioned using their ball-hinges, without these, Genesis's tank-like body could not possibly evade enemy crossfire. Due to Genesis's massive size, he is equipped with repair drones in his shoulders effect repairs even during battle. Genesis is indeed a tank of a robot, his cockpit is sealed behind shielded glass as well as a layer of armor, ensuring 100% pilot protection. Genesis's ankles and waist feature ball-hinges for improved movement. Genesis wields six claw-hands for disassembling his enemies, but if the need arises he is also equipped with a high accuracy laser-revolver as well as a Tomahawk Boomerang, (only seen briefly attached to Gundam's right-hand side on lower skirt).

Warning: Cockpit not rated for protection from the following: Hyper Bazooka, Buster-rifle, Beam-saber, Satellite laser, Moon-laser, or Colony laser.
Warning: Genesis Battle Computer, (G.B.S. for short) designed for Newtype use only. use only on certified Newtype personnel. any other use may result in: Headaches, Madness, Visions of the future, or even psychic powers.
To activate Genesis Battle Computer: use your imagination.
Upon G.B.S. activation, extrasensory antenna will fold out of head-piece, allowing for increased sensitivity between pilot and battlefield.
Caution: exercise extreme caution when using Tomahawk boomerang, wielding more than one boomerang at a time is a bad idea, improper use of boomerang may result in amputation, extreme agony, or even death.
Caution: any use of drones, aside their intended use, may cause drones to malfunction.
Caution: use of laser-revolver for prolonged fire-fights is not recommended as prolonged fire-rate may cause unit to over-heat, or in rare cases, explode.
In case of core meltdown: Open armor and interior hatches and press red button on upper right control console. Ensure seatbelt is fastened and tray-table is in upright position prior to emergency ejection.

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