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LEGO Dumbo

This is my first LEGO project I have published on this site, so I tried to put all my effort into this dream.
I created Dumbo from LEGO pieces, with all the details I could put in it, including his attractive and funny yellow hat. My Dumbo originally didn’t have eyes, but after days of thinking, I didn’t only change the eyes, I changed almost everything.

My intention for building it was to express my imagination in something tangible, and what a good thing to express it through LEGO.

I believe this would make a great LEGO set because it will revive good memories from families that have watched that movie together, and many children would like to spend more time with family. 
And second purpose, I would like to see my dream in a toy store. It will be something significant for me because I have always dreamed something: To be someone.

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