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Steamtrains, X4020 Mallet Big Boy


Hi Lego Friends

Now I would like to introduce my US Big Boy X4020 Mallet (wheel set up 4-8-8-4)

As soon as you are concerned with the construction of models (especially the construction of steam locomotives) you will automatically get in touch with the US Big Boy.
The US Big Boy is the "strongest" and "biggest" steam locomotive ever built in this world.
For a fan of steam locomotives it is therefore very close to own a model of a US Big Boy.
For this reason, I have created my Big Boy with LEGO elements on basis of the photos which were available in the Internet.
With the first designs and prototypes I had already started in 2014/2015.
In the meantime, I changed my Big Boy from LEGO elements several times to get a perfect model on a scale of 1:40/45 as well as fully functional.
The main difficulty was to make the "swivil/pivot points so favorable that the model goes well on the LEGO rail system (e.g. smal radius or switch) in all respects.

As you can see, it took about two years to build my Big Boy (as presented).

All mechanical and electrical components e.g. motor, infrared reveiver, akku, cables and LED`s are installed in a very  small range. The dimension of the model is nearly in scale 1:40/45, the base frame as well as the vessel is designed in the width of six (6) pins/nep. The driver`s cab and the tender is designed in the width of sever (7) pins/nep.

From my side it would be very interest to see how many persons will support such model.

Best regards, have a good nice time - Bernhard