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Stinger Wasp Mech

I built this one shortly after the Black Death mech; I realized that if the army of insectoids (see minifigures)had only ground vehicles, it wouldn’t get very far in a conquest. So I’ll decided to create the Wasp, an aerial counterpart to the Arachnid mech(yes, I am aware that neither one has the right number if legs, but roll with it). This one has four movable legs and a cockpit like the other one, but unlike the other one it also has folding wings and a movable tail with a blaster on the end of it. The neck and legs are designed similarly to the first because I was too lazy to design new legs. The neck is the same for the same reason, but I decided to make the head more “waspish”. This one also has two blasters beneath the head, and two more by the front legs. The guy with two guns is an aerial trooper, and the other one is a pilot. It looks cool and comes with two cool mini figs. That is why I think it would make a good set.

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