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Interstellar Explorers Spacecraft


The idea came from the fact that i am a big fan of science-fiction.

I found an old sets of bricks which my wife used to play about 20 years ago.

This is what i came up with.

Interstellar Explorers Spacecraft

Space ship which can travel around the universe in order to explore and to learn about it.

Spacecraft has got 4 adjustable wings which can be used as a landing gear or weapon if necessary.

The pilots cockpit can be opened and can fit up to 4 crew (sorry for mini figures they are the only ones i could find :))

In the middle there is a cargo space which can be opened/closed, it contains a mini drone which has got folding wings.

The back of spacecraft holds the super fast engine module, which can be accessed with an opening flap.

That's it, i hope you enjoy my project.

thanks for having a look



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