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MIDI Tantive IV Rebel Blockage Runner

MIDI Version of the iconic Tantive IV Blockade Runner. Seen first in the opening of Episode IV "A New Hope". Side view of detail. Built prior to more specific and newer parts. As the MIDI Series of LEGO Star Wars has become a very popular line, perhaps this is the next spacecraft that would make sense in the series. Beside the Star Destroyer, and the Falcon, this may be the only other large scale craft that has been made in both UCS and playset sizes.

Vote for this to be the next MIDI series Star Wars set!!!

Thanks for the support!

Head on top view shot

Engine nacelles detail

Top view of the entire cruiser. Note airlock region near back. Total length runs about 16 inches

Top view comparison to the LEGO Set 10019. Overall MIDI version is about 1/2 size. Also a about 3/4 the size of the next Blockade Runner 10198. This size ship makes sense to become the next MIDI version set!!

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