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Spirited Away Yubaba’s Bathhouse


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Spirited Away Yubaba’s Bathhouse

This creation is based on the wonderful animated fantasy film "Spirited Away",
the most successful film in Japanese history.

This proposed Set recreates the legendary bath house. It is the most opulent structure
in the Spirit world. Built in a very traditional Japanese style, but its tremendous scale makes it very unusual. The bath house is very popular among the people of the Spirit world. Due to their frequent and constant use, some of the baths are notoriously known to be extremely dirty.

The set was designed with the adult fans of the film in mind. So I tried to match every detail of the building. I used many interesting building techniques throughout the set. Especially to recreate the traditional roofs and the white fence. The construction counts 856 bricks. And will fit perfectly on your desk.

Maybe it will also feature the Radish Spirit Oshira-sama.

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Oshira-sama says: "Thank you for the support"

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