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City Hotel

Finally a Lego Hotel! Has 5 floors, 12 rooms, different balcony styles, 6246 bricks and 9 minifigs. (i will add more pictures soon)

back view of hotel

Floor 1: The lobby has front desk+moving door to access desk, Mailbox, Mini flower box, and access to resturaunt. the resturaunt has five tables,and near the front desk, it has 3 seat like a bar, and a door to access the drink room. drink room has multiple cups + drinks, 2 cash registers, small table underneath machine. and access to kitchen. Kitchen Has grill, lots of cabinets, and some food. Foods: 3 sausages 3 popstickles 4 cherrys( 3 red 1 green. shown in kitchen) 3 bananas 3 breads 3 corrisants 2 apples 2 drumsticks 1 pot 1 pan 1 carrot and 1 icecream+cup

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