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The Proficient LEGO Retailer


As a young boy I lived in small town with a single little toy store. I loved it to go there after school, watching the endless long and high shelves full of LEGO Boxes, discovering every time something new and dreaming of what I could build if I would buy this or that. And the owner knew me well and was always friendly. He knew I would come a hundred times and buy nothing, but someday I would do. We always had fun, when he showed me the latest boxes and could gave me the new catalogue. What wonderful childhood because of LEGO and this special store owner.

When I grew older I realised that many cities have those friendly and proficient LEGO retailers often located in charming small little stores in the centre of the city. The magical atmosphere and personal contact let many little boys and girls dream of all the adventures possible with a new LEGO box.

My model here is dedicated to all this friendly and proficient LEGO retailers in all the cities around the world. That’s why I thought a tiny LEGO Retail store belongs to every LEGO modular buildings city.

This building is inspired by the tiny corner store full of LEGO in my home town in Frankfurt/Germany owned by the very friendly and especially proficient owner Thomas Panke. Thomas Panke, among LEGO fans and others in Germany also known as “Held der Steine” always gives me that special feeling when entering his store. That’s why I started buying LEGO again as an adult.

Please vote for my model, a small magical place for many kids, if you would like to have your own LEGO Retail Store between your other modular buildings.

Thanks :-)

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