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Waytt McLego Rescue

Waytt McLego Rescue

This is not a day like other at Caynon BrickTown, Waytt McLego is in Jail at the hand of Sheriff Marshall StoneBrick and vice-sheriff DaleFirebrick Jr. . The old sheriff Butch Boulder has recruited his nephew Luke Snitch as assistant. Luke Snitch is two-faced man, he betrays all his principles. Luke getting corrupted by Jesse McLego the most wanted criminal in Caynon BrickTown. In the meanwhile Curtis McLego, the youngest brother, is planting the dynamite to take down one wall of the jail and rescue his brother Waytt.

Will they make it? Only vote the project you can discover!!! 

Model Info:
7 minifigure :    
   -     Old tired sheriff  Butch Boulder

   -     Sheriff Marshall Brick, Young vice-sheriff Dale Firebrike jr.

   -    New assistant sheriff Luke Snitch

   -    McLego family Jesse McLego (Leader) Waytt McLego (right hand man) Curtis McLego (the                    explosive specialist)  Wanted: Jesse McLego $1000, Curtis McLego $500, Waytt McLego $500

1119 brick used to realize the model, It is compatible with lego other modular, it is possible to use as the first model of modular far west city.

Model Inspiration:

This model is inspired to my childhood when I play with Legoredo sets. Inside the model there are some part quotes of those models. The west Lego series was one of my favourites and it will wonderful a restyling in 2020.

At the moment the project has been created only on 3D software LLD due to this situation, but in future I will realize it for real. 

If you like it support and share my project.
Thanks Davide :)

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