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Gilmore Girls - Luke's Diner


Nearly done

Since we will reach the 10000 mark any minute now, I'm going to take this – for the time being – last chance to thank everybody for supporting this project. As I submitted it I never thought we would gain 10000 supporters in such a short time. Without the help from all of you, your supporting and your advertising for this project we never would have done this.
Now it's time for us to cross fingers, that the review board likes this project as much as we do ;)

Thank you very very much.


Impressive 5000 supporters

Well, I'm lost for words. We reached the 5000 supporters in unbelievable 2 weeks. I'm really impressed.

I want to thank each one of you so very much.

And of course I want to thank every reporter, journalist or blogger out there writing about this project as well, because I know, that without them we would still be far away from the 5000 mark. What happened the last few days was incredible. Thank you so very much for that.

Keep on going and share this project and we got a real chance to gain the next 5000 supporters as well.


1000 supporters

You are really great. With your help, we managed to gain 1000 supporters in less than 10 days.

Thank you all for your support and your help in sharing the project.


Thanks for your support, here is Chilton Rory ;)

First, I want to thank you all for supporting my project. I love to see that so much people like my Lego-version of Luke's Diner.

This is not an update, but Lego Ideas member florian_17_hh asked me for Rory in Chilton look. And since we designed her in this way as well, I'd like to show you this Rory, too:

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