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TRACTOR traktor 4X4 WITH TRAILER rc and pneumatic power!

lego friends ask you for help. If you want this project tire and motorized rc goes into production click on support. Thank you in advance and many lego at all. Greetings Marco.

It is a 4x4 vehicle equipped with motors, one large and one small for traction for steering and also equipped with pneumatic, all concentrated, as always in my plans, in a small space. The tractor has the peculiarity 'to have the differential lock, a piston forward and two behind, these driven by an air pump and pipelines movimentatte by levers located on the sides of the seat. The medium siarrampica everywhere, also the front axle that tilts much, even with the steering in full action. Before there is a snowplow that tilts and you can raise or lower the back and there is a plow to various plowshares, also liftable and adjustable. Furthermore there is also a trailer, flatbed with liftable and opening sides.
The medium also won one race over the other tow set that I built, always in my projects. At the bottom is well placed .... concentrates technology, study and calculations ....

vision of the various pieces rc and pneumatic

other vision

vision with the rear wheel raised. Note how all the other wheels are stable on the floor, in addition to other details.

as above but with the front axle steeply inclined

There are more photos but the program does not allow it. Forgot, the trailer due to the inclination of the hook in a vertical, horizontal is always grip regardless of the position and inclination of the various wheels of the tractor.

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