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Detachable Spaceship

Hello everybody !
Our project is a collaboration with Alibah craft. We made a spaceship. You may say : "Yes but there is already a lot of spaceship projects on Lego Ideas !", we may answer : "Certainly, but our project is innovative". In effect, we can easily modify it.
The detachable spaceship is composed of three parts:
  • The cockpit
  • The combat module
  • The research module
These modules are made to clip together and create differents ships. The system is simple and easy to use.
The cockpit is small and solid. we can open the cglass to put a figurine in it.
The combat module is wide but short, it has decorated wings and six cannons, there is a trunk to put a little folding ship. The opening system of the trunk is easy, you just need to pull down the two removable parts. When opening the trunk, we release two cannons, because four of them are place outside the spaceship but two are inside the spaceship and the two cannons go out when the trunk is opened.
The research module is the biggest module, it is long but not very wide, we can open the roof to access the interior, there is a radar and a little spaceship under the radar (yes one more). The interior is a greenhouse whith plants on the sides and a alley in the center. There is large glasses to see the interior of the module. There is a microscope and some tools. On the roof of the module there is a folding radar that we can turn.
Our goal with this project is to create another modules for more diversity because the goal of Lego is to create, with only on limite, your imagination (and youy budget !). We may make others modules for our project. We wanted to do something new, something innovative, that we can play with. We don't wanted a Lego set for decorating the walls.
We think that it will be a good Lego set it shows the diversity of the Lego bricks, it makes you want to play with (we have already had lot of fun with our ship) and that's the goal of a Lego set. We have hard-worked on thesolidity because if the set is sell, childrens will play with it, so it needs to don't break easily. We also worked on the estetism, we wanted a beautiful and very aerodynamic spaceship (even if it is useless in space) with a maximum of details.
That's it, we said all of what you have to know, if you had the courage for read the description , it's that you are ready to support us (at least we hope). If our project pleses you, don't hesitate to support us and see you at est 10,000 votes !