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Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks


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This is my product idea of a Legend of Zelda themed set.  This set is based off the game LoZ Spirit Tracks where everybody has trains.  Link embarks on his journey on the Spirit Train which I have made for you today.

I think this would make a good set because it can actually fit on the tracks and roll along but with a couple more baddies (which I am working on making now) this set will be a fun one to play with.

My set, right now, comes with Young Link, The Spirit Train, and one lonely Octorok.  In the game Link is young so I gave him short legs and a smaller hat to make him look younger.

Don't judge me on the eyes of the Octorok and the front symbol on the train because I have no graphic design skills.  I just drew the best I could on their but it would be cool to get custom stickers and plates for this set.  

One thing that I wanted to add but couldn't would be an actual cannon on the second car because the one on it right now is just for show.  It can move up and down it just doesn't shoot ;)

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